About Paavan Chintan Dhara

Paavan Chintan Dhara is an organization which gives priority to such traditions values and creative energy with the help of which a strong nation can be built.

It is the prime duty of a human being to serve his motherland and all living beings and this is also the first step of the journey to spiritualism. In this ashram much emphasis is laid on service to all and creates a feeling of service in children specially, for living beings and environment. The Ashram is fulfilling its commitment to help poor children, cows and leprosy patients.

This is a group where the members remain in touch with Pawan ji as a family to share their spiritual concerns. All the members remain in touch with each other, frequently, as a family so that no one could feel alone and no one could feel helpless. Members also participate in the monthly / quarterly / half yearly programs.


  • Setting up a Shaktipeeth which can become a pillar of Spiritual strength and vibration in the country.
  • Setting up a research institute for researches in Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda and other ancient Indian studies and issues related to Science, Culture and History.
  • To start ‘Extraordinary Personality Campaign’ at the national level for children and youth in which a proper guidance and continuous training would be provided to add that ‘extra’ to the ‘ordinary’ and to contribute in the development of great body, great soul and great character.
  • To start 21 scholarships for poor and talented students.
  • To plant 1100 trees of peepal and neem.
  • To establish ‘Swami Vivekananda Honor’ to be given for great contribution in the field of Spiritualism, education, journalism, law, administration and social services.

Paavan Chintan Dhara Objective: To work for disease free world with the help of Astrology, Yog and Ayurved”

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