"Ashram Parivar Satsang"
Secrets of Geeta

Date: 30-12-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 28-12-2012 Place- Jaipur
Ashram organised a 'pariwar milan karyakram' in Jaipur on December 28, 2012. Howsoever tightly packed Guruji's schedule might be, he essentially culls out time to meet his pariwar members. Once again, he enthused people with enlightening thoughts in 'Pariwar Milan Karyakram'.

Along with so many other things outlined by him, he also defined the beauties and responsibilities of pariwar members. They are: 1. Dharm Sewa, 2. Shristi Sewa, 3. Rashtra Sewa. He said that if each one of us divides his day into three segments of 15 minutes each, we can find our aim of life and make it meaningful as well -- 15 minute for physical exercise to keep healthy, 15 minutes for 'Isht ka Dhyan' and 15 minutes for 'Rashtra Sewa' or 'sewa' of the people of the 'Rashtra' in anyway and only then, one can lead an extraordinarily happy, successful and fruitful life.

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 25-12-2012 Place- Bareilly
The Bareilly unit of Ashram organized parivaar satsang on 25th December 2012 in which Guruji gave discourse on the necessity of being spiritual. He expressed his grief on the increasing molestation and rape cases throughout the country and pointed out that humanity is decreasing day by day and its very important that people should turn spiritual and specially the children because they have a longer span to live in comparison to adults and much more to achieve. He talked about concentration and meditation and said that as you think, so will be the circumstances for you.

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"
Depression & its Remedies

Date: 25-11-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad
Depression is no longer a disease to be dreaded, it could be handled quite easily by adopting various techniques like practicing yog-sadhna, changing certain ways of living… and even some kitchen remedies are very helpful in getting rid of depression

1- Have realistic goals
2- Make efforts to achieve the goals
3- Accept whatever you achieve as the outcome of effort and dedicate your efforts and achievements to your Isht
4- Consider your achievements or under achievements to be the consequence of your deeds of previous birth (Sanchit Karma) and strive again with full zeal.

...said Sadguru Shri Pawan Sinha Ji in Monthly Parivaar Milan Programme where he gave enlightening discourse on Depression and its remedies .

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 21-11-2012 Place- Lucknow

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 08-11-2012 Place- Mumbai

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 25-10-2012

Topic: Sundar Kand
An amazing divine evening with Ram ji

Sundar Kand was permeating everyone and everyone was feeling Bhagwan Ram's benediction. Sadguru's description about Ramayan was so thrilling that we felt ourselves in that age. Who was Shree Ram, why He came to this Earth, what is the meaning of the Ram’s name, why was Ramayan written, what was Pushpak viman, what Sita mata said to Hanuman ji about Ramji in ADHYATMIK RAMAYAN, was Sita the only reason between that Ram-Ravan war, what was Agni Pariksha, why and when Ramji faced melancholic, what were the mysteries behind Ramji victory, what was the connection between Shiv ji and Ravan, who was the father of Ravan and many more interesting facts were explained by Guru ji. It was an amazing moment when the Sun was set and earthen lamps and candles lit and Ramji’s Aarti and Hanuman Chalisa was sung.

Next Satsang will be in the month of November on 25th, Sunday. The subject will be "Depression and its Remedies" You may also join.
Jajman of Sunderkand: Shri Pramod Maheshwari, Smt. Rama Maheshwari, Ashish & Ankita Maheshwari
Organizing Team: Ashram Organizing Team

Date: 30-09-2012 Topic: Bhakti
Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram organized Parivar Satsang on 30 Sept 2012. The topic of discourse was BHAKTI. Guruji gave a splendid explanation of the concept of BHAKTI and the methods for attainment of BHAKTI & SALVATION. He also explained the biological and medicinal impacts of BHAKTI. In fact words are very short to explain what he uttered in his discourse. Above all it is impossible to explain the feelings of Divine Meditation which Guruji taught and everyone there felt ecstasy & divine vibrations.

On this occasion Ashram’s bhajan team members were felicited.
Organizing Team:
Financial Support: Raja S Srivastava, Sanjay Upadhyay
Programme Management: Archana Upadhyay, Aakanksha Sharma, Sunil Sagar, Anchal, Preetikant Sarangi, Monika, Aarti, Prakhar Saxena, Surbhi Sharma, Deepak Bhatnagar, Tarun Sharma, Ashish Maheshwari, Ms Mayank Sharma

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 27-08-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 15-08-2012 Place- Bhopal

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 29-07-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad
On 29 July 12, Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram organized a Satsang program for its members, which was mesmerizing and divine. Satsang program began with Vedic Chanting by Rishi Kumars. After this, ashram family member Shri Sunil Ji & other music experts sang hymns and it was so musical that each member was overwhelmed.

Thereafter, Shri Pawan Sinha Ji (Bhaiya Ji) started the spiritual discourse with “Om” . Firstly he greeted the family members with "Ram Ram” and his blessings by saying, “God bless you all" .

After Bhaiya Ji’s greetings, all members just go deep inside beyond their conscious. Thereafter, Bhaiya Ji informed ashram members about the achievements of the Ashram. He said, The new website "www.paavanchintandhara.com” is completed within very short span of time, for this he thanked Paavan Chintan Dhara family members Julie Aggarwal, Priyanka and Nirmal Ji. He thanked Shri Sanjay Tyagi, Shri Siddhartha Upadhyay and Dr. R Singh for organizing the "Rainy Season, Health Check-up Camp” for poor and under privileged children and their families.

After completing the formalities, Bhaiya Ji spoke on some wonderful but important topics such as "What is anger”, “ What does denounce mean”, “How to take decisions”, “Shiva and Parvati’s immortal communication”, “Mentor - Disciple relationship”, “Meditation and Hormones”, “Thoughts and Body Pain, etc. At this moment everyone indulged in dhyan, there was no sense of physical things. Like a responsible father he spread a loving vibration among the devotees via his adorable words and a divine current flew within everyone. In his lecture he shared some knowledge on a topic, “How can we be aware of Good and Bad happenings in our own lives”.

Some highlights of these wonderful question and answeres are available on www.paavanchintandhara.com and http://www.facebook.com/paavanchintandharatrust therefore keep on visiting both for Bhaiyaji’s discourse and upcoming events.

On this occasion, Shri Pawan Sinha Ji (Bhaiya Ji’s) audio CD “Bhajanyog” was unveiled by ashram’s children. It is a musical presentation which will take you in meditation state. We could realise this divine feeling when a glimpse of the hymn "Hare Rama" was played and everyone was swaying with pleasure.

We would like to share a wonderful experience " As Bhaiya Ji ‘s Bhajan CD was played atmosphere’s heat and moisture seemed to be converted in to cold and soothing wave of the wind. It is all due to Bhaiya Ji’s blessings.

The program concluded with the recitation of “Rudraashtkm”.

Satsang program is always managed by the family's children, which led them to generate power and confidence . Neha, Aashish, Vaibhav and Umesh Ji was the organizer of the wonderful program.

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 24-06-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 27-05-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad
Parivar Milan program was organized by Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram on 27th May 2012. Main topic of the program was “Madhurashtakam Path”. Parivar’s four children who are trained by Ashram and Rishi Kumar’s got practiced “Madhurashtakam “ to all the seekers.

In the starting of the program Shri Pawan Ji (Bhaiya Ji) informed that ashram has purchased approximately 2600 sq yard plot and Income Tax department has approved the request for Section 80-G. Now all Donations are eligible for Income Tax exemption under Section 80 (G) of Income Tax Act. After getting this information, all the family members were very happy.

Bhaiya Ji interpreted “Madhurashtakam” so beautifully that all family members felt like Shri Krishna himself has appeared. After completion of the lecture all the family members practiced “Madhurashtakm”. In the final phase of the program, Meditation was practiced and Hanuman Chalisa was recited.

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 29-04-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 25-03-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 26-02-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 29-01-2012 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 25-12-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 27-11-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 30-10-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 25-09-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 28-08-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 26-06-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 29-05-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"
"Bhajan Sandhya"

Date: 24-04-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang"

Date: 27-03-2011 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang & Magazine Inauguration"

Date: 28-11-2010 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang "

Date: 31-10-2010 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang "

Date: 26-09-2010 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"Ashram Parivar Satsang "

Date: 29-08-2010 Place- Mewar Institute, Ghaziabad

"A Spiritual Satsang"

Date: 30-05-10 Place- PCD Campus
Satsang and Dhyan session was organized in Paavan Chintan Dhara ashram campus on 30th May, 2010 with the members of Paavan Chintan Dhara Pariwar. In Satsang Shri Pawan Sinha shared his own spiritual experiences and past and spoke at length on the process of Dhyan. He also discussed the difference between meditation and concentration. Persons over there felt the vibration of Kirtan and practiced Dhyan for 35 minutes. It was decided that next time there will be a detailed practice session on Dhyan. Member also shared their views and personal problems.

"A Spiritual Evening (Satsang , Kirtan and meditation)"

Date: 24-03-10 Place- Ghaziabad
Ram Navmi festival was celebrated at Ashram Campus on 24-03-2010. Nearly 100 Pariwar Members were there. Program was started with the ‘Kirtan’ in the honor of ‘MAA’. Then ‘Meditation’ practice was exercised under the guidance of Shri Pawan Sinha.

On this occasion Shrj Sinha Ji called for to practice for Spirituality without superstitions. On this occasion he also said there is a need to understand Sri Ram and Sri Krishna in a more scientific way so that the younger generation could follow Indian Culture without questioning it. It was a really very joyous Spiritual evening which must have awakened many souls.
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